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While the working majority battles it out in the sweltering heat, students are looking for ideal vacation spots to avoid soaking up some sun. Shruti Bhiwandiwala gives you the details on the youth's current fascination: travel.

Original story published in 2012 in The Times of India If you're trying to get away from the sun's constant glare, cities with high temperatures wouldn't be the preferred choice of location. As the temperature hits new highs, students, with nothing but free time on their hands, are looking for ways and means to beat the heat. While there is not enough entertainment for you in your city, holiday destinations are the new solution . Be it a little trip with the family or a little independent venture, youngsters have set out to discover the world beyond the borders. Trippin' on travel While planning a getaway, destination and comfort levels play up and help in zeroing in on the perfect vacation spot. For some, a holiday with the clan in a slightly obscure location hits the mark. Hena Desai (19), says, "After two-three gruelling months of projects and exams, you're just looking for a way to blow off steam, and a holiday does just that. It's preferable to go to a place that's quite unlike your city; probably a beach location or any place that encourages adventure." One also looks forward to experiencing the life of the locals while on a holiday, so feeling a sense of homeliness is off the cards. A new city or state calls for new experiences, adventures and tastes. Parents are also of the opinion that an independent trip to a new state or country plays a huge role in helping their children gain a sense of responsibility and discover new places on their own accord. Jaymala Joshi, mother of two, says, "Travelling on their own helps kids become responsible for themselves, their belongings and also lets them enjoy travelling in their own way. An independent vacation also gives them the opportunity to learn to travel in a new place, while interacting with people, understanding them and subsequently learning about the locality. It's best to let kids travel at least once on their own just to help them live for a stipulated number of days without immediate support."

On the job Summers usually call for a month or two of complete rest and frolic, but some of the career-driven students look out for opportunities that include a trip or two to new cities or countries. Says Divya Limbasia (20), who worked as an assistant reality producer for a TV show last summer, "Travelling, while on the job, is always a good way to get to know your superiors and associates. You get valuable information about the task at hand by mere interaction; all this while you're moving places. Visiting new locations also helps you meet a bunch of interesting people, and lets you widen your geographic boundaries." Although a job also calls for long hours and tiresome labour, there are opportunities for rest, when one can explore the local culture and try out the native cuisine. Scholastic search Students on the hunt for the right graduation or post-graduation have also been known to journey to prospective locations to visit the campus and analyse the area prior to the commencement of the course. Koshy Brahmatmaj (19), says, "It's always helpful to get to know the area where your college is located, since you're going to be spending the next three years there. A look into the campus and residential space can help you decide what you need to take from home; things that'll help you settle down faster. Adaptability is a lot easier once you're even remotely familiar with a new location." A travel opportunity is always something to look forward to — not just for the leisurely bits, but also the possibility of learning so much more about the world. No matter where you're headed for, make sure you're well prepared while away from home. You really don't want a vacation that's anything short of perfection.

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